Sonya Carrasco-Trujillo Reappointed to Five-Year Term

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has reappointed Sonya Carrasco-Trujillo to serve a five-year term as a workers’ compensation judge for the Workers’ Compensation Administration (WCA), effective June 10, 2024. Carrasco-Trujillo was initially appointed to a one-year term, beginning June 10, 2023.

No Lump-Sum Hearings on Holiday Weeks

There will be no lump-sum hearings held on holiday weeks. In 2024, there will be no lump-sum hearings on the following dates:

Friday, January 5
Friday, January 19
Friday, May 31
Friday, July 5
Friday, September 6
Friday, October 18
Friday, November 15
Friday, November 29
Friday, December 27

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Fee Schedule

The medical fee schedule is revised each year pursuant to statute. Proposed revisions are typically posted for review and public comment each fall, and the final version published in early December.  Find the current fee schedule.   

Coverage for AG Workers

Employers are required to provide workers' compensation coverage for agricultural workers. Find out more.

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