New Mexico employers required by law to obtain workers' compensation insurance have several options when it comes to finding insurance coverage. The best option depends on business needs. Some employers choose to self-insure.

Who Qualifies

Every company that wants to self-insure must apply to the WCA and receive written approval from the Director. For eligibility and application criteria for self-insurers, see: Rule 8: Rules and Regulations.

For eligibility and application criteria for group self-insurers, see Rule 9: Rules and Regulations.

For eligibility and application criteria for self-insurance pooling of public entities, see Rule 10: Rules and Regulations.

Find out about New Mexico Statutes and Court Rules. Select Chapter 52 for workers' compensation.

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Self-insurance is an option for large businesses and governmental entities. Businesses and agencies that want to self-insure must study the rules for qualification and meet specific criteria set forth by the WCA Director. The appropriate application form must be filled out and specific financial criteria must be met. See the forms listed below to determine what is needed.

Group Self-Insurers

A group of employers in the same or similar industry may join together for group self-insurance coverage. Often this is done through an industry association. Group insurance differs from commercial insurance in that members take on a major responsibility called joint and several liability, wherein all members of the group may be legally responsible for losses within the group should the group beome insolvent. See the forms needed below for group self-insurance.

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The forms listed below are used for self-insurance purposes and are active links to download a selected form.  The forms listed below are in Microsoft Word format.  These forms are also available on our  forms page.

Amendatory Endorsement
Application - Individual
Application - Group
Board of Directors Resolution
Letter of Credit - Individual
Letter of Credit - Group
Parental Guaranty: for Subsidiaries
Surety Bond - Individual
Surety Bond - Group


For questions, please call 505-841-6000, or in-state toll free at 1-800-255-7965. Ask for the Self-Insurance Bureau.

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