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EDI Changes Coming Soon

The Workers' Compensation Administration (WCA) continues its work in updating its Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) claims reporting requirements from the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) EDI Standard 1.0 to Version 3.1.7.

The original target date for implementation was November 12, 2024; however, we have experienced unforeseen delays that will likely push that date into early 2025. We will notify stakeholders promptly once a new target date has been determined.

New dates for the testing phase for filing FROI/SROI forms will be posted once determined, and the NM WCA Implementation Guide, including testing requirements, will be published sometime thereafter. For answers to specific questions or to be included in emails regarding the EDI changes the NM WCA, please email

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Request for Proposals

The New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration is currently reviewing proposals (RFP) received for its case management system modernization and will share information as it becomes available. 

The RFP Reports are available from Friday, May 2, 2024 through Friday, May 17, 2024: (Click the links below to download the document)

Evaluation Committee Report

Evaluation Committee Scoresheet 1-RFP 24-632-PS-00001-1

Evaluation Committee Scoresheet 2-RFP 24-632-PS-00001-1