WCA Rules and Statutes

WCA Rule Changes

The Workers' Compensation Administration has completed the 2022 rule-making process and final versions of the new rules are now available (see below). In addition to the rules, a concise explanation of the changes has been prepared (see link below).

Please direct any questions to the WCA General Counsel's office at  gc.clerk@wca.nm.gov. For a copy by mail, please submit a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request to WCA General Counsel Office, 2410 Centre Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106.

Rule Changes

Changes to some of the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration administrative rules became effective January 1, 2023

See the summary of changes made to the rules.


The New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration procedural rules are found in Title II, Chapter 4 of the New Mexico Administrative Code.

(click on the rule title below to download the pdf format of the rule)

  • [Part 1] General Provisions (Effective 1/1/2023)
  • [Part 2] Data Reporting and Safety Requirements (Effective 9/30/16)
  • [Part 3] Payment of Claims, Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol Testing, and Conduct of Parties (Effective 6/30/16)
  • [Part 4] Claims Resolution (Effective 1/1/2023)
  • [Part 5] Enforcement & Admin. Investigations (Effective 1/1/2023)
  • [Part 6] Judicial Selection (Effective 1/1/2023)
  • [Part 7] Payments for Health Care Services (Effective 1/1/2023)
  • [Part 8] Individual Self-Insurance (Effective 9/30/16)
  • [Part 9] Group Self-Insurance (Effective 10/1/15)
  • [Part 10] Self-Insurance Pooling of Public Entities (Effective 1/14/05)
  • [Part 11] Proof of Coverage (Effective 9/30/16)
  • [Part 12] Uninsured Employers' Fund (Effective 1/1/2023)
  • [Part 13] Controlled Insurance Plans (Effective 1/1/23)

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Workers' Compensation Statutes Online

The complete New Mexico statutes and rules are available free online through the New Mexico Compilation Commission, at: [New Mexico Statutes and Court Rules]

Note: Select Chapter 52 for Workers' Compensation

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How to Purchase Statutes

Workers' compensation statutes may also be purchased in book form from the New Mexico Compilation Commission

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