Media Requests

Media requests go through the Workers' Compensation Administration Public Information Office:

Public Information Officer
PO Box 27198
Albuquerque, NM 87125-7198
Phone: (505) 841-6052
New Mexico Toll Free: (800) 255-7965

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For IPRA requests, visit our IPRA page.  

For legal information requests, contact General Counsel.

For records requests, contact the Records Custodian.

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New Mexico Workers' Compensation Laws and Regulations specify:
NMSA (1978) Chap. § 52-5-21. Administration records and confidentiality; authorized use.
Except as otherwise provided in this section, unless introduced as evidence in an administrative or judicial proceeding or filed with the clerk of the court as part of an enforcement or compliance proceeding, all records of the administration shall be confidential. Once an accident or disablement occurs, any person who is a party to a claim upon that accident or disablement is entitled to access to all files relating to that accident or disablement and to all files relating to any prior accident, injury or disablement of the worker. Upon the filing of a rejection of a recommended resolution, all records filed with the clerk of the court as part of the judicial proceeding shall be open to the public.