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To meet the objectives of the WCA's mission, the agency provides a wide range of services to workers, employers and insurance providers through its main office and six regional offices. All bureaus within the agency report to the Office of the Director. The WCA's bureaus are divided into three broad groups: Support Services, Court and Programs and General Counsel.

The WCA is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Office of the Director

The director is responsible for the administration of all aspects of the WCA. The director is assisted in duties by two deputies and General Counsel.

Robert E. Doucette, Jr., Director, (505) 841-6007

Shanon Riley, Chief Judge, Adjudication, (505) 841-6851  Meet our judges.

Catherine Farrell, HR Manager, (505) 841-6013

Michael Holt General Counsel, (505) 841-6822
    Kelly VillanuevaEnforcement Bureau Chief, (505) 841-6064
    Priscilla PadillaUEF Administrator, (505) 841-6050

Diana Sandoval-Tapia, Public Information Officer, (505) 841-6052

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Support Services

The WCA's Support Services Division oversees economic research, facilities, field operations, finances, information systems and self-insurance.

Leigh Martinez, Executive Deputy Director(505) 841-6846

Richard Adu-Asamoah, Economic Research and Policy Bureau Chief, (505) 841-6044
Trey Flynt, Field Operations Manager, (505) 841-6056
    Freddy RamirezFacilities Manager, (505) 841-6039
Michelle Green, Financial Manager, (505) 841-6847
Brenda Henderson, Information Systems Manager, (505) 841-6867
Lisa RomeroSelf-Insurance and Regulatory Audit Bureau Chief, (505) 841-6860

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Court and Programs

The Court and Programs Division oversees clerk of the court, employer compliance, mediation, medical cost containment, ombudsmen, and safety.

Heather Jordan, Court and Programs Administrator, (505) 841-6069

Alexis ArmijoClerk of the Court, (505) 841-6028
Vacant, Employer Compliance Bureau Chief, (505) 841-6851
Kenneth OwensMediation Bureau Chief, (505) 841-6024
Jessica SanchezMedical Cost Containment Bureau Chief, (505) 841-6042
Samuel Castillo, Ombudsman Program Bureau Chief, (505) 841-6825
Paul MartinezSafety Manager, (505) 841-6830

Meet our mediators.

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