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Thank you for your interest in working at the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration. Come work with us to support our mission and goals. View our available positions below.

NMWCA is an equal opportunity employer. Hiring takes place without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.

To apply, visit the New Mexico State Personnel Office (SPO) website, and follow the detailed instructions on how to apply for a job. Applications are accepted online, with no provision for mailing, hand-delivering or faxing applications. Be sure to include all required paperwork, to include a resume and any other required documents, as well as the specifically identified Job Reference ID number.

Current Positions

Compliance Officer

Conducts investigations to determine whether or not a business is required to carry workers' compensation insurance. Compliance officers interview business owners and conduct investigations that include online research and possibly a visit to the business to determine requirements. Enters details into an online database. Businesses that fail to comply can be brought to a hearing where the compliance officer testifies on the collected evidence.

The ideal candidate will have experience conducting investigations, interviews and policy/statutory compliance.

Posted (7/15/2021)

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Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

Provides safety assistance, guidance, training and inspections to the business community in an effort to meet New Mexico's workers' compensation laws and regulations. Conducts safety analysis of business accidents and injuries; determines if businesses are candidates for enrollment into a risk reduction program; provides notification of required safety audits and inspections; researches, tracks and records business information utilizing various safety databases. Performs safety inspections and participates in regional business outreach efforts; conducts safety training classes for businesses as necessary; performs ergonomic evaluations; completes audits as assigned and performs other duties related to the agency's safety program.

The ideal candidate would have completed either an OSHA 510 or 511 course; have an extensive background in general and construction industries; familiarity with facility inspections and audits; ability to recognize workplace safety hazards; public speaking and experience with safety training; ability to perform ergonomic evaluations; familiarity with workers' compensation.

(Posted 7/15/2021)

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Accountant/Auditor (Advanced)

Audits and examines employer, insurer and third party administrator records to evaluate and verify financial position, solvency and compliance with law and regulation. Maintains current accurate and comprehensive record and information on assigned inventory; serves as liaison between agency and customers and stakeholders; provides excellent customer service; ensures management is aware of any issues. 

The ideal candidate has a degree in accounting or finance and at least two (2) years' experience. Candidate should have experience analyzing large amounts of financial data with the ability to reconcile data; strong analytical and organizational skills; strong critical thinking skills; communicates effectively and is detail oriented, 

(Posted 6/18/2021)

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Ombudsman (Advanced)

Assists workers, employers, insurance carriers, health care providers and other interested parties in protecting their statutory rights and explaining their responsibilities and obligations under the Workers' Compensation Act and Occupational Disease Disablement Laws. Assists parties in resolving their disputes by investigating complaints in order to facilitate negotiations and the resolution of disputes outside the court system, while ensuring compliance with applicable federal and state statutes and agency rules, policies and procedures. Ombudsmen do not advocate and remain neutral, providing information and facilitating communication to expedite the resolution of claims. 

The ideal candidate has two (2) years work experience administering workers' compensation claims; strong customer service skills; experience using Microsoft products; two (2) or more years as a legal assistant/paralegal. Ability to speak, read and write Spanish is preferred.

(Posted 6/4/2021)

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Database Administrator I

Designs, develops, monitors and optimizes the agency's database technologies. Responsible for database creation, implementation, performance monitoring and tuning, troubleshooting, backup, recovery and security. Configures, installs, tests and maintains SQL 2012 or higher database and Windows 2012 or higher server, including associated software for security updates and patches. Performs regular backups and database recovery, and produces and maintains documentation such as a data dictionary and entity relationship diagrams.

(Posted 6/1/2021)

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Conducts statistical and analytical work to support research in the Economic Research & Policy Bureau (ERPB), and analyzes legislative requests. Maintains operational efficiency of the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), to include coding and analysis of first reports of injuries and illness and subsequent reports of injury, such as occupation, industry, causation and more into numerical categories. Answers stakeholder questions about data, checks quality of other WCA data sources. Bureau responsibilities continue to be redefined and expanded. Advanced statistical skills required to monitor, organize and analyze new data an procedures at the agency, making it critical to fill the position immediately.

Key responsibilities include statistical coding and analysis, monitoring data accuracy, reconciliation of docket and claims data. Interact with insurance carriers, self-insured employers and third party administrators by phone, mail and email. Answer employer questions. Interact with staff from other bureaus.

The ideal candidate has the following education and experience: computer-aided statistical model building for forecasting; statistical analysis of workplace injuries data; experience using SPSS; advanced knowledge of MS Access, Excel, PowerPoint; experience accessing electronic data interchange source data; experience with Tableau software; experience in database management, systems research, policy impact analysis and cost and revenue forecasting.

(Posted 5/24/2021)

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UEF Attorney II

The Uninsured Employers Fund (UEF) pays medical and indemnity benefits to injured workers who have sustained an on-the-job injury for which an employer who is required to carry workers' compensation insurance but did not at the time of the the injury. The position is responsible for representing the interests of the UEF in litigation before the WCA and District Court; for maximizing the collection of money owed to the UEF from the uninsured employer in a timely manner; for providing effective and timely legal advice to the UEF Administrator and other UEF staff with regard to UEF claims; for advising the NM WCA about legal implications, obligations and changes needed regarding the UEF policies, procedures, rules and statutes; for representing the UEF in reimbursement and collection lawsuits in order to recoup UEF funds within the parameters of NM WCA rules and regulations and other applicable laws. 

The ideal candidate will have previous experience working with workers' compensation law including knowledge and experience with the workers' compensation adjudication and mediation systems; experience providing legal guidance on difficult legal interpretations involving workers' compensation laws; previous experience with collections; and experience with Microsoft Office products.

Posted (4/14/2021)

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IT Application Developer III (Open Until Filled)

This position acts as the lead on complex assignments requiring the development of new and improved applications, maintenance of the existing applications, and contributes to all the phases of a project.  Incumbent will be heavily involved in implementing a new business case management system.

Job duties Include but are not limited to:

Designing and programing applications using Console, Win Forms, and Web Applications in the .NET framework (C # or VB); making complex configurations/modifications to existing applications, managing all aspects of the system/product to include, and not limited to installation, backup, data recovery, security, clustering, and establishing system utilization standards; creating interfaces and queries to retrieve information from databases in MS SQL; implementing and deploying applications that meet user specifications; creating and updating processes, programs and reports with new screen designs, scripts, data tables, formulas and documents; securing applications; troubleshooting and resolving application issues; researching and documenting application failures to recommend improvements; collaborating with developers and other IT staff; participating in development of program designs, user interfaces and test procedures; producing technical documentation that accurately and thoroughly depicts software design and code base; setting up and maintaining test environments; diagramming and modeling software design via flowcharts; writing user guides and training documentation; training new users and providing customer service; leading lower level team members and mentoring application developers; developing reports and presentations to senior management as needed.

(Posted 11/18/2020)

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Safety Consultant (Las Cruces)

Conducts safety analysis of business accidents and injuries; identifies systemic patterns and trends that may contribute to safety hazards and/or work-related injuries; determines if businesses are an ideal candidate for enrollment into the Risk Reduction Program; provides notification of required safety audits and inspections; researches, tracks and records business information into safety database; prepares enforcement referral cases for businesses not compliant with safety statutes; attends enforcement hearings.

Performs safety inspections and audits for a variety of business industries to ensure compliance with the $15k Annual Safety Inspection Program; contacts businesses that are non-compliant by phone or field visit; researches, tracks, and enters detailed business information into a safety database; prepares enforcement referral cases for businesses not compliant with safety statues; and attends enforcement hearings.

Participates in regional business outreach efforts; conducts safety training classes; performs ergonomic evaluations; completes audits in support of self-insurance program as assigned; attends conferences and performs other duties as related to the Workers' Compensation Administration's safety program. .

(Posted 3/10/2021)

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