WCA eServices


The eServices page provides resources for electronic submission of information. 

If you require assistance with an eService process, please contact our Helpdesk via email at wca.helpdesk@wca.nm.gov, or call the Helpline at (505) 841-6817.

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Look Up Employer Coverage

Wondering if an employer has workers' compensation insurance coverage? Look up an employer's coverage status through the link listed below.

Access Workers' Compensation Coverage Verification

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Electronic Case Filing (ECF) 

E-filing is mandatory for all represented parties. Workers and employers who are unrepresented are not required to e-file, but are encouraged to do so. The comprehensive ECF system includes e-filing, calendar access, and access to case documents. ECF is available for every mandatory court form used by the WCA. Access is available for initial and subsequent e-filing, and for cases in which users are not party to, but in which they may need to file an entry. Attorneys can view a calendar that shows their mediations and hearings with dates, times, room number and whether it is a video or telephone conference. They can view a list of active cases that show a list of all documents filed with WCA Clerk of the Court. Users can manage their passwords independently of the WCA.

The ECF system allows new users to sign up through the access link below. Go to the access page and click on the link titled New User Sign Up to get started. There is also a Contact Us function.

Access Electronic Case Filing (ECF Portal, formerly known as My Calendar\My Cases)

Download the ECF Reference Guide which is also found on our publications page.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) submission system allows insurers, self-insurers and third party administrators to enter information online that goes directly to the WCA. First Report of Injury (FROI) and Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI) forms are entered from the EDI system. 

To set up an account, click on the Contact Us link on the EDI opening page, or contact the WCA at (505) 841-6044. You will be provided with instructions on a user name and password to set up the account.

The EDI Guide provides information on how to submit information on the EDI system. The guide can also be found on the publications page.

Access The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System

EDI General Interest

The New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration (WCA) has completed changes to the IAIABC EDI Edit program and tables to accept the new Pandemic and COVID-19 codes for Cause and Nature. Please send all technical and administrative questions through the WCA Helpdesk email: WCA.Helpdesk@wca.nm.gov.

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Annual Expenditure Report (AER) Filing

New Mexico State Law (NMSA Section 52-1-58) requires every workers' compensation insurance carrier and self-insured employer to report their annual expenditures to the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration. If you need a login/password or have any questions about the submission process, please contact the WCA at (505) 841-6044. In the meantime, you can use the link below to download detailed instructions about completing your AER submission. The WCA accepts AER submissions January 1 through February 15 each year for the prior year's expenditures.

Download Printable Instructions and Sample Worksheet The document is also available on our publications page.

Access the Annual Expenditure Reporting (AER) System

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Inpatient Hospital Data Filing

All workers' compensation payers are required to report inpatient hospital services data from information collected on the UB-04 form (Rule A). Insurers must report inpatient hospital bills to the WCA within 10 to 90 days of payment of the bill.

There are two ways of filing data: 1) electronically or 2) uploading a text file.

To submit an electronic format to the WCA, the sender must establish a profile. Contact the Economic Research & Policy Bureau at (505) 841-6044 and see the Inpatient Data Collection Instructions, which is also found on our publications page.

Access the InPatient Data Reporting (IDR) System